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This was the second of the Ratio:3 books and featured Z'EV (qabalist/percussionist), Andrew McKenzie (Hafler Trio) and Genesis P-Orridge. The basic instruction to each author to provide 31 pages was the same as with volume 1. So what eventually dropped into our postbox came as something of a shock. They'd each taken literally our promise to publish whatever was delivered. Given that the authors were all best known for sound/music experiments, I'd naively expected something along those lines. Shucks.... I couldn't have been more wrong.

Z'EV delivered two plays based on King Lear, but re-worked via cut-up, fold-in and transmitted media. Gender-identities were uncertain, the madness evident; and the power, sublime. Not what I'd expected at all. But all the better for that. And he hit the 31 pages spot on. The pieces were designed for performing and most recently were presented in Paris towards the end of 2003.

Andrew McKenzie meanwhile managed to produce a 31 page film treatment in what seemed the smallest type he could find. It was great stuff: dense and evocative. Visual. A nightmare though to fit into 31 pages of a book. Extracts can be found at the Hafler Trio site.

Finally, Genesis produced a selection of previously unpublished writings about COUM. Since publication of Ratio:3 these works have received more extensive coverage, and some of the physical objects were incorporated into Genesis' exhibition at the A22 Gallery in London during 2003. The writings themselves are descriptions of art actions and performance. Fragments of beauty. Sparse. Perfect.

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Cover art by Steve Greaves.

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