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Welcome to Temple Press Limited: 1988-1996

Temple Press Limited was established in 1988. Over a period of eight years we published a diverse range of creative texts with minimal editorial or commercial interference in the process of artistic structuring of the emergent work. The books were mainly produced in high quality editions, but alongside these we put out a number of low-cost booklets with hard-to-find information. All Temple Press material focused on creativity, transmediation and cultural exploration.

The books featured on this site are a representation. Generally they fall in the category of transmediating texts; that is, each featured book was imbued with a relational intentionality either in its content or mode of production. The final book featured, Flickers of the dreamachine, was one I was commissioned to produce by Codex Books. It fits in closely with the general principles of what our own publishing was seeking to achieve.

The table below gives some basic information. The book covers are links to extracts and images. The final link points out to the wider web.

Temple Press Limited ceased all activities in 1996. The books are all out of print.

Brion Gysin

Title Authors More info Link
Ratio:3 volume 1
Media Shamans
Ira Cohen
Angus Maclise
Gerard Malanga
Beat sensibility meets Warhol underground:
Ira: traveller and mystic.
Angus: quit the Velvet Underground when told that gigs would have start and finish times.
Gerard: from Plastic Exploding Inevitable to sublime poet.
Ratio:3 v1
Ratio:3 volume 2
Andrew McKenzie
Genesis P-Orridge
Three Performers. Art meets magick:
Z'EV: percussionist, qabalist.
Andrew: From the Hafler Trio.
Genesis: Cultural engineer, writer, artist, musician.
Ratio:3 v2
Rhythmajik Z'EV Rhythmajik is the art of qabalistic drumming. The book was a complete instructional tool and transposed ancient qabalistic techniques of letter and number permutation into rhythmic pattern. Rhythmajik
William Burroughs Birthday Book Various
ed. Paul Cecil
Celebration of Burroughs' 80th Birthday. A selection of texts are included on the following pages. Plus a permutations download package. William Burroughs Birthday Book
Dreamachine Plans Karl Eden / Brion Gysin This was a small booklet setting out the plans for building Brion Gysin's dreamachine. Dreamachine Plans
The Starlit Mire Austin Osman Spare (illustrations)
Bertram and Russell (text)
A facsimile edition of the 1911 edition.
The 10 illustrations by Spare are on the following pages.
The Starlit Mire
Flickers of the Dreamachine Paul Cecil (ed.) A compendium of writings and images related to Gysin's dreamachine. The following pages include extracts, plus a download of the re-drawn plans suitable for use with a 45rpm deck.

Updated July 2004.

Flickers of the Dreamachine (Codex Books)
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