Everything is Permuted
A William Burroughs Birthday Book 2

Burroughs Birthday Book

Burroughs of course used cut-ups in his early works, borrowing the idea from the artist Brion Gysin. The page on the right used both techniques. It's called "What's in a name?".

The Birthday Book also featured several permutational texts, drawing on relevant phrases from the Burroughs corpus (and beyond). I ran the texts through a grid based on the permutational pattern developed by Z'EV in Rhythmajik so they differ slightly in ordering from the permutations of Brion Gysin and Ian Somerville. The links on the right take you to some examples (with graphics taken from the same booklet). There's also a link to the permutational grids which you can download to create your own.

The following extract is from my own contribution to the book. It also serves as a thematic introduction to much of my subsequent work in the area of process and permutation and it was the first time the phrase 'Nothing is True. Everything is Permuted' appeared in print.

  This is a story. It's about the Word, the Virus and the Magician. Crossing Time and Space, transcending cultural boundaries. It is about disguise and dissimulation, transmission and dissemination. It begins at an end, and ends at a beginning. Full circle, cycling through the ages, turning through 360 degrees and all points in between. It is a story about magic and codes, about dreams and reality; above all, it is about the Process.    continue...

Is nothing true?

No-thing is True. Everything is Permuted.

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Nothing is true
Power is often very quiet

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