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Dreamachine Plans

Dreamachine Plans

The Dreamachine was devised by Brion Gysin, artist, traveller, writer and alchemist.

Absurdly simple, the dreamachine creates a flickering of light calibrated to match alpha brainwaves. It is this that induces the multiplicity of colour and image in the brain. Gysin based his device (designed in collaboration with Ian Somerville) on the work of W. Grey Walter, one of the pioneers of the mechanics of brain function.

The booklet contained just a couple of short essays, plus a card template and instructions on how to build your own dreamachine. Apart from a sheet of card, all that was needed was an old 78rpm record deck, and a light bulb. The dreamachine crosses the line between art and experience, and is the first device designed to be viewed with eyes closed.

The Dreamachine Plans was deliberately kept as a d-i-y lo-tech project, but nonetheless was immensely successful. A German translation was made, and I recall seeing it in French as well. Versions of the booklet are also now scattered over the web.

everything is permuted
The introductory text included here is slightly modified for the web.

The - links page includes a web-based version of the plans. And an updated 45rpm version of the plans can be downloaded from the link on the right.

Added 2010 - Dremachine pre-made templates now available via Dream State

Dreamachine Plans
Dreamachine download

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