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Links to some friends and favourites.
All are highly recommended!
  • Jackie C World Tour pages. Great site featuring news updates on the JackieC World Tour, with links to band members and related material.

  • Jackie C World Tour Book. The on-going virtual book, hosted by BowieWonderworld.

  • Martino Catalano creates amazing figurative sculptures. Specialising in modern, exotic, alternative, underground and new symbolist pieces of artwork, there are also some stunning portrayals of David Bowie!. Well worth a visit.

  • Headquarters are a great new band. Their debut single Let's solve some crime is based around a hard-edged guitar sound that reminded me of none other than Tom Verlaine. Young, moody and going places. Live pix.

  • Z'EV is an amazing percussionist and qabalist. This is his Rhythmajik site, which includes texts, sounds and images. You can also download an electronic text of his Temple Press book Rhythmajik. The book is a complete guide to qabalistic drumming and healing technique. Absolutely the best source for creative magick!Plus some of the most interesting post-industrial sounds you will ever hear.

  • People Like Us are a breath of fresh air in the world of cut-up sounds and mixed-media deconstruction. Working with found material, PLU take the ultra-ordinary and with it create something utterly disarming and extraordinary. Their site is well worth a visit.

  • Cyclobe work in post-Industrial soundscapes, but with a fine sensitivity. Good site, with excellent info. New site recently launched.

  • Lou Reed Fansite. A great unofficial Lou Reed site from Holland's leading Lou Reed fan. Regular updates, photos and news.

  • Stewart Home writes astounding and hilarious fiction, alongside serious critiques of contemporary society. Always radical, this is Stewart's official fan site.

  • Center for Process Studies This site has plenty of information and links about the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. They publish the leading academic journal in the field. Worth checking out if you want to find out more about the area of philosophy I'm working in.

  • Fox Links and Information Fox resource page

  • Process-on-the-web Additional links to Process Philosophy related sites.

  • Computing Corner Lots of links to interesting and useful software

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