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Permutation files - download page

Brion Gysin Welcome to the Permutation download page.

The files in the package allow you to create text permutations of phrases of between 3 and 6 words. I've also included some image files you might want to use as a desktop background.

Simply click on the link below to start the download of the permutation files (169kb)

Once downloaded, simply click on the file (it's called permute.exe). A window will open. You should then click on the 'extract' button. The programme is set-up to ensure that you'll be asked if you want to overwrite any files. All this means is that if you already happen to have a folder or files with the same name you'll have an opportunity to stop the process.

Once you've hit the extract button, a confirmation box will show. Click 'ok'. The readme text (readme.txt) includes full instructions on how to use the files. It should open automatically, but if it doesn't you'll be able to find it (and the files) in the folder C:\permute on your hard drive.

Download Now!

If you are using a Mac and can't run .exe files, try this zipped version.


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