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Chapter for Applied Process Thought - 2003 Conference

The conference venue, St Salvator's College
Applied Process Philosophy Conference

Here are a selection of photos from the first Chapter for Applied Process Thought conference held at St Andrews University 23-26 July 2003. Sorry I didn't get a pic of everyone.

This was the first conference of its type in Whitehead's homeland, and drew participants from Europe, America and Australia. The main themes were applied process philosophy (covering organization theory, education, ethics), and process metaphysics.

More details of the conference will appear on the Chapter for Applied Process Thought website in due course.

Special thanks to Mark R. Dibben for organizing the event, to Claire Topping for making sure it ran so smoothly, and to everyone there for making it a memorable occasion.

Click on the thumbnails for full size images.

The 2005 Conference will be held in Maynooth, Ireland. The Call for Papers is now available, as is the Registration Form (Word document) (January 05).

Papers from the 2003 Conference courtesy of Concrescence.

Mark Dibben John Cobb Martin Wood Jack Priestly
Mark R. DibbenJohn B. CobbMartin WoodJack Priestly
Thomas Kelly Peter Gunter Peter Farleigh Henk Brasz
Thomas Kelly Peter A Y GunterPeter FarleighHenk Brasz
Jaap Breunese Fania Izhaki Bogdan Ogrodnik Jan Deckers
Jaap BreuneseFania IzhakiBogdan OgrodnikJan Deckers
John Lango St Salvator's Quadrangle Group shot
John LangoSt Salvator's Quadrangle - John Cobb in middle-groundThe assembled group. (I'm the slightly perplexed figure, centre front-row, kneeling)

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