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The Starlit Mire

Starlit Mire cover The Starlit Mire

The Starlit Mire by James Bertram & F Russell was the first of our books, and included 10 drawings by the magical artist Austin Osman Spare. The book was a facsimile of the 1911 edition.

We limited ours to 500 copies, with the first 23 in a custom-made slip case. The cover and spine were gold blocked with white edging on cloth; the top edge was gilt. It was printed on acid-free paper with tissue leafs protecting the illustrated pages. As close to the original as we could get. I'm still proud of how well it turned out.

The following pages show Spare's illustrations for the book. The illustrations are about 30-60kb each (one per page), and should be of reasonable quality for printing. For best results, right click on the image to download it to your machine ('Save picture as..').

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