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List updated: 26 July 2005

This is a selection of web-links referring to Temple Press. I've excluded basic library/book indexes and sites which are clearly out of date. All the sites listed here will provide you with more information about the books, their authors, or the subjects discussed. I've checked each one and have included a (very) brief indication of content. Inclusion on the list doesn't mean endorsement, but does mean the site is probably worth a visit.

Check back regularly as the list will be updated as I get time. The list gets shorter as links fade away...

Dreamachine 1Inter-zone is an amazingly rich site dedicated to the dreamachine. Dual language. And it includes the original 78rpm Temple Press version of the plans.
Dreamachine 2Features the original Dreamachine Plans, published by Temple Press. Includes full details on how to build your own Dreamachine plus other info on Brion Gysin and related.
Synesthesia Academic site focusing on synesthesia (makes minor reference to Flickers, but looks a good resource).
Music for the Dreamachine Interview with Sunray which includes how he found his first dreamachine via the Temple Press booklet. (Courtesy of Kevin Ring at Beat Scene.)
Angus Maclise Article about Angus Maclise. Good reference, but the Temple Press book is now out of print.
Austin SpareIntroduction to Trance Art. Includes reference to The Starlit Mire.
Andrew McKenzie 1Hafler Trio based site includes brief reference to Ratio:3, plus listing of H3o works.
Andrew McKenzie 2 Includes the text of Andrew's Ratio:3 piece, plus other related material.
Ira Cohen 1 Ira Cohen's Akashic Record site.
William BurroughsEssay about surveillance, but includes quotes from the William Burrough's Birthday Book. For the sake of accuaracy, Burroughs didn't write the Pistol Poems quoted: I did.
Z'EV 1 Interview with Z'EV.
Z'EV 2 Mindspring article about Z'EV.
Z'EV 3 Extract of text from Z'EV's One Foot in the Grave CD box set.
Z'EV 4 Z'EV article: The three-fold ear and the energies of enthusiasm.

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