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Computing Corner: Browser Security

This page uses information imported from Secunia, one of the leading internet security houses. Secunia are one of the main organizations identifying security holes in networks and PCs.

On this page are the latest Secunia reports on unpatched security flaws in three main browsers for PCs: Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Whilst security is often more dependent on the user than the software, if you are thinking of changing your browser, or are concerned about on-line security these charts may help.

Last updated: the images update live from Secunia


Opera's current unpatched security status

Full Secunia Opera 12 report

Opera 12 is being replaced by Opera 15 which bares no resemblance to the original Opera browser and lacks many of its best features. Accordingly I have removed the link to Opera as I can no longer recommend it.

Firefox 22

Download Firefox

Full Secunia Firefox 22.x report
Note: Firefox re-numbers versions and thus maintaining a running check is increasingly difficult. It is likely that a later version than the one show is now available. As at 6th July 2013, Firefox 22 was showing no vulnerabilities.

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 current unpatched security status

Full Secunia Internet Explorer 9 report

Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 current unpatched security status

Full Secunia Internet Explorer 8 report

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