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Insects and Bugs

A selection of garden bugs (insects and invertebrates) seen in our garden and the surrounding area during 2008

More damselfy pictures are in their own album.

Most of the photographs were taken with the Canon EOS 400D (or from August 2008, the EOS 40D) with the Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG macro lens. For some shots I have used extension tubes or added the Kenko Teleplus 1.4x Pro 300 DG teleconverter (which gives me slightly greater working distance). The butterflies are sometimes taken with the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L USM IS lens, with extension tubes. Flash used is either the Sigma EM-140 DG ring flash or Canon 430EX.

butterfly peacock 0305086260
butterfly speckledwood 0305086296
butterfly speckledwood 0305086297
ladybird harlequin 0405086408
hoverfly 0405086415
ladybird 0405086416
red damsel 0405086428
red damsel 0405086430
Azure damselfly (female)
Azure damselfly (female)
nurseryweb spider 0405086502
moth pyrausta aurata 0405086490 3 stack
Azure damselfly (female)
Azure damselfly (female)
Damselfly and exuvia
Ptychoptera contaminata (female) - sometime categorized...
Small White (male)
Holly Blue
Green veined white
Silver Studded Blue
peacock butterfly 2107088863
comma butterfly 2107088876
Speckled Bush Cricket on a light switch 2107088952
Speckled Bush Cricket safely taken outside 2107088954
speckled bush cricket 2107088960
Image stack of three shots
brown argus butterfly 0408080719
Small white (male)
holly blue (female)
peacock butterfly 0408080741
peacock butterfly 0408080743
peacock butterfly 0408080746
comma butterfly 0408080755
small heath and comma butterfly 0408080757
comma butterfly 0408080763
Small white (female)
meadow brown butterfly 0408080793
shield bug 3108083016 b
fly 3108083017
snail 3108083030
snail 3108083044
snail 3108083055
slug 3108083061
spider 3108083066 b
spider 3108083066 c
comma butterfly 1309084818
comma butterfly 1309084868
comma butterfly 1309084883
comma butterfly 1309084889
comma butterfly 1309084896
common darter dragonfly x2 1509085244
common darter dragonfly x2 1509085247
common darter dragonfly x2 1509085248
common darter dragonfly 1509085262
common darter dragonfly 1509085279
common darter dragonfly 1509085280
angle shade moth 3009087183
small tortoiseshell butterfly 0110087203
red admiral butterfly 0110087216
white butterfly mating 0110087225
white butterfly mating 0110087226
white butterfly mating 0110087229
white butterfly mating 0110087236
spider 2010089338
spider 2010089339
spider 2010089341
angle shade moth 2010089346
angle shade moth 2010089354
angle shade moth 2010089355
angle shade moth 2010089360

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