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Cormorants at Tower Bridge

This sequence was something of a surprise. I was between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, opposite the Tower of London. I'd expected to see gulls, but the cormorants were out in force. The weather was reasonably bright for December.

I've added three shots taken on 12th January 2009. The quality is poor but they show cormorant struggling to swallow what is probably a flounder. These shots were again taken at Tower Bridge.

An additinoal sequence taken on 4th February 2009 shows a cormorant battling with an eel, and in one shot with another cormorant which has grabbed its neck. I've included a so-so shot of a cormorant flying over Tower Bridge to give more of a sense of location. This is all in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world.

All the December shots were taken with the Canon EOS 40D and EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L USM IS. The January shots, in poor light, were taken with the EF70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DO IS USM lens. I reverted to the 100-400 for the February and April shots. All were hand-held, though I did use the walls along the edge of the Thames for support.

cormorant 0812083691
cormorant 0812083708
cormorant 0812083721
cormorant 0812083728
cormorant 0812083734
cormorant 0812083744
cormorant 0812083762
cormorant 0812083779
cormorant 0812083796
cormorant 0812083797
cormorant 0812083812
cormorant 0812083813
cormorant 0812083814
cormorant 0812083829
cormorant 0812083831
cormorant 0812083832
cormorant 0812083839
cormorant 0812083840
cormorant 0812083857
cormorant 0812083861
cormorant 0812083865
cormorant 0812083921
cormorant 0812083926
cormorant 0812083930
cormorant 0812083949
cormorant 0812083951
cormorant 0812083952
cormorant 1201099527
cormorant 1201099569
cormorant 1201099584
cormorant 0402092784
cormorant 0402092796
cormorant 0402092813
cormorant 0402092816
cormorant 0402092824
cormorant bridge 0402092904
cormorant 0804093660
cormorant 0804093664
cormorant 0804093668
cormorant 0804093669
cormorant 0804093710
cormorant 0804093760
cormorant 0804093764
cormorant 0804093765
cormorant 0804093766
cormorant 0804093767
cormorant 0804093768
cormorant 0804093769
cormorant 0804093770
cormorant 0804093797

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