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Fox Gallery April 2007

We didn't see any cubs during April, although towards the end of the month we could begin to hear them. In the early part of the month the old dog fox visited and I've included a few photos in this month's selection which show how well he is recovering from the mange.

The main fox to feature is the young male (son of the old dog fox, and born in March 2006). As you'll see he took to spending a good deal of time on a local roof, which led to us naming him 'Roofy'. He's the father of the cubs featured in coming months, but during April (by which time the cubs were born) he was clearly seeking a quiet refuge during the day. The local rooftops seemed the perfect place (though occasionally he upset the seagulls).

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Sleeping fox, 1/4/07
Reclining fox, 1/4/07
By the pond, 1/4/07
On the nose! 1/4/07
Licking fox, 1/4/07
Cleaning up, 1/4/07
Face the fox, 1/4/07
Stretched out fox, 1/4/07
Grooming (one of my favourites), 1/4/07
The big fox yawn, 1/4/07
Fox on the prowl, 1/4/07
Fox on the roof, 1/4/07 (this isn't his usual roof)
The old dog fox, 1/4/07 Showing good signs of recovery...
Fox standing on a roof, 2/4/07
Rooftop Fox, 2/4/07 This is the roof he spends most time on.
Fox sitting on the roof, 2/4/07
Walking on the roof, 2/4/07
Fox at the top, 2/4/07
Proud fox, 2/4/07
Fox and shrubs, 2/4/07
Resting fox, 4/4/07
Relaxed fox, 4/4/07
Laying fox, 4/4/07
Portrait of the fox, 4/4/07
Smiling fox, 4/4/07
Face of the fox, 4/4/07
Another relaxing pose, 4/4/07
And again, 4/4/07
And again... 4/4/07
Rear view, 4/4/07
Face of the Fox 2, 4/4/07
Fox on the path, 4/4/07
Sitting fox, 4/4/07
Close-up fox, 4/4/07
Passing through, 4/4/07
Fox on roof, 4/4/07 This is the most typical sight I get...
Fox on the ground, 6/4/07
Fox and fence, 6/4/07
Face of the fox, 6/4/07
Face of the fox 2, 6/4/07
Fox Yawn, 6/4/07
The old dog fox is recovering well, 7/4/07
The old dog fox, 7/4/07
A huge fox yawn, 8/4/07
back on the roof, 9/4/07
Fox walking the rooftops, 9/4/07
Fox climbing the roof, 9/4/07
Fox on the roof, 9/4/07
Fox on rooftops, 9/4/07
Fox by chimney 1, 9/4/07
Fox by chimney 2, 9/4/07
Fox by chimney 3, 9/4/07
Fox on rooftop, 9/4/07
Fox on rooftop 2, 9/4/07
Fox on rooftop 3, 9/4/07
Fox on rooftop 4, 9/4/07
Disappearing... 9/4/07
Inelegant fox, 9/4/07
Sunny rooftop fox, 10/4/07
Fox by the pond, 11/4/07
Fox at night, 11/4/07
More roof top antics, 14/4/07
More fox rooftop antics, 14/4/07
Fox on the roof, 14/4/07
Fox in the garden, 16/4/07
Garden fox at night, 16/4/07
Fox night portrait, 20/4/07
Fox on a roof, 22/4/07
Roof top fox, 22/4/07
Roofy the fox yawns, 22/4/07
Roof yawns pt 2, 22/4/07
Fox yawning and walking on a roof, 22/4/07
Alert fox on roof, 22/4/07
Fox caching an egg, 24/4/07
Adult fox, 24/4/07
Fox sleeping on the roof, 27/4/07
Fox and flowers, 28/4/07
Fox in sunshine, 28/4/07
Fox on patio, 28/4/07
Fox panting, 28/4/07
Fox in the garden, 28/4/07
Fox close-up, 28/4/07
Fox emerging from shrubs, 28/4/07
Fox and ivy, 28/4/07
Fox on the roof (again), 29/4/07
Fox standing on roof (again), 29/4/07
Fox standing on roof (again) 2, 29/4/07
Fox standing on roof (again) 3, 29/4/07
Fox with Bonio on roof, 29/4/07 (for an explanation see...
Fox on roof, 29/4/07
Carrying away the bonio, 29/4/07 (for an explanation see...

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