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Two Nights in April

Another weekend special, photographed on 12-13 April 2008. The foxes had been relatively quiet for most of March, with regular but not too frequent sightings. This may be because the vixens have recently given birth and are staying near their den (I don't know where it is). The old dog fox had also stayed away for most of the period, though that sort of behaviour is usual for him

By mid-April we were beginning to get more sightings, with a surprise double-visit on 12th April when the old dog fox and the nicked-ear vixen were briefly in the garden together. Not my best shot, but sometimes it's enough to document the moment.

The first four shots were taken on the 12th (with the EF 24-105 F4L IS USM lens + Kenko 1.4 teleconverter). The remainder (of the vixen) were taken on the 13th with the same lens but no converter.

fox x2 1204082753
fox dog 1204082754
fox nicked vixen 1204082547
fox nicked-vixen 1204082759
fox nicked vixen 1304082944
fox nicked vixen 1304082947
fox nicked vixen 1304082948
fox nicked vixen 1304082963
fox nicked vixen 1304082992
fox nicked vixen 1304082997

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