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Fox Gallery October 2007

For most of the month we only saw the young male fox, though there were a couple of very brief sightings of its sibling on the 15th and 17th. Actually that's pushing it as on the 17th the photo simply shows eyes peering through the fence!

The other main characteristic of October was that it was the 'month of the limping fox'. The young male started by limping on his left rear leg, but as soon as he recovered from that he began carrying his right foreleg. The relevant photos are mainly between about the 10th and 14th, for most of which time he was semi-hopping rather than running. He nonetheless maintained reasonable mobility on three good legs. Fortunately the situation improved and by the latter part of the month he was fully recovered, and no intervention was required. I can only presume he had managed to get something caught in his pad. There are several relevant entries on my blog during October.

The other notable feature of the month is that at this time of year the foxes begin their territorial re-organization in preparation for winter. The younger foxes tend to move away and seek new territory, while the mature adults compete with them for suitable breeding areas. I've noticed this pattern several times now, and it always results in reduced sightings, and usually at least one fox vanishing completely.

fox cub 0310070937
fox cub 0310070946
fox cub 0310070949
fox cub 0310070953
fox cub 0310070966
fox cub 0410071048
fox cub 0410071060
fox cub 0410071061
fox cub 0410071073
fox cub 0410071077
fox cub 0410071082
fox cub 0510071163
fox cub 0510071169
fox cub 0510071173
fox cub 0510071181
fox cub 0510071199
fox cub 0810071739
fox cub 0810071759
fox cub 0810071760
fox cub 1010071880
fox cub 1010071883
fox cub 1010071885
fox cub 1010071897
fox cub 1010071900
fox cub 1110071965
fox cub 1110071967
fox cub 1110071970
fox cub 1110071971
fox cub 1110071975
fox cub 1110071986
fox cub foot 1110071986 crop
fox cub 1110071992
fox cub foot 1210072121
fox cub 1210072141
fox cub 1210072145
fox cub 1310072313
fox cub foot 1310072314
fox cub 1310072315
fox cub foot 1310072331
fox cub 1310072338
fox cub 1410072615
fox cub 1410072625
fox cub 1510072708
fox cub x2 1510072711
fox cub x2 1510072712
fox cub x2 1510072713
fox cub x2 1510072715
fox cub 1610072771
fox cub 1610072776
fox cub 1610072779
fox cub 1710072868
fox cub 1710072888
fox cub 1710072893
fox cub 1710072896
fox cub 1710072918
fox cub 1710072920
fox cub 1810073054
fox cub 1810073093
fox cub 1810073094
fox cub 1810073099
fox cub 1910073210
fox cub 1910073225
fox cub 1910073227
fox cub 2010073246
fox cub 2010073382 b
fox cub 2010073383
fox cub 2110073594
fox cub 2210073642
fox cub 2210073645
fox cub 2210073647
fox cub 2310073760
fox cub 2310073770
fox cub 2410073787
fox cub 2410073796
fox cub 2410073811
fox cub 2510073878
fox cub 2510073894
fox cub 2510073897
fox cub 2810074024
fox cub 2810074040
fox cub 2810074042
fox cub 2910074136
fox cub 2910074140

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