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Kestrels December 2008

This sequence was taken just outside Brighton (near the racecourse) on 28th December 2008. There are two kestrels featured, a male (on the left in the first few shots) and a female. The male is the smaller of the two and has distinctive grey head plumage. He's the one seen feeding on the ground in a few of the shots. Just a snack though (an earthworm). The two shots of a bird landing on some branches are of the female.

The day was very cold, but with wonderful bright winter sunshine. The photos were taken as the sun was starting to go down, hence the unusually strong colours in all these shots. One or two have been cropped, but they are mainly full frame shots, and have only had a minimal amount of processing (some minor noise reduction and sharpening, and in a couple of places some stray branches have been cloned out).

All the shots were taken hand-held with the Canon EOS 40D and EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L USM IS.

kestrel 2812086177
kestrel 2812086198
kestrel 2812086203
kestrel 2812086209
kestrel 2812086214
kestrel 2812086216
kestrel 2812086223
kestrel 2812086225
kestrel 2812086228
kestrel 2812086234
kestrel 2812086243
kestrel 2812086245
kestrel 2812086254
kestrel 2812086258
kestrel 2812086267
kestrel 2812086275
kestrel 2812086284
kestrel 2812086289
kestrel 2812086292
kestrel 2812086309
kestrel 2812086320
kestrel 2812086328
kestrel 2812086336
kestrel 2812086345
kestrel 2812086347
kestrel 2812086349
kestrel 2812086372
kestrel 2812086381

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