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Damselfly Nymphs

A small series of photos of damselfly nymphs taken in October and November 2008. The main identifying feature are the three fringe-like gills which form a tail. The nymphs will take about a year to mature.

The photos were taken with the Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG macro lens and Canon 430EX flash unit. I used a teleconverter on one shot (with "tc" in the name), and the shot from 29/11 is a stack of two images to improve depth of field.

damselfly nymphs 0510087470
damselfly nymph 0510087473
damselfly nymphs 0510087475
damselfly nymphs 0510087477
damselfly nymphs 0510087478
damselfly nymph 0510087481
damselfly nymph 0510087482
damselfly nymph 2610089853
damsel nymph 0211080165
damselfly nymph crop 0211080181
damselfly nymph tc 0611080538
damselfly nymph 1511081063
damselfly nymph 1811081578
damselfly nymph 2811082139
damselfly nymph 2911082189 88 stack

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