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Short-eared Owl 2009

This short sequence was taken in a brief break between heavy showers. I'd gone to one of my favourite haunts in search of kestrels. A dog walker asked whether I'd seen the owls ('No!') and then lo and behold pointed one out to me. It was at the far side of the valley, barely a speck. I fired off a number of shots and followed it with the camera as it hunted across the shrubland.

These are my first ever photos (or indeed, sighting) of a non-captive owl. Far from perfect phtographically, but a special moment for all that.

The photos were all taken with the Canon EOS 40D and EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L USM IS lens. Hand held as ever, and a major task to keep the owl in focus as it flew low over the long grass. I finally lost sight of it as it descended, presumably having spotted some prey.

owl 2803092010
owl 2803092011
owl 2803092018
owl 2803092022
owl 2803092026
owl 2803092036
owl 2803092039
owl 2803092040
owl 2803092044
owl 2803092045
owl 2803092047
owl 2803092049
owl 2803092050
owl 2803092058
owl 2803092061

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