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Pulborough Brooks

This set is a small sample of a vast number of shots taken at Pulborough Brooks (an RSPB reserve in Sussex) on 30 August 2008 one of the rare sunny days of this summer. The Spitfire was the biggest surprise. Presumably it was on its way to the Shoreham Air Show, which is held over this weekend.

A second sequence of shots was taken on 21 March 2009 and contains several personal first, beginning with the wigeons, the teal but most notable was the adder. These were basking along one of the paths and attracting a fine range of camera equipment!

All the shots were taken with the EOS 40D and EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L USM IS lens (apart from the first shot which was taken with the Sigma 105mm macro on a 400D body). For some shots I added the Kenko 1.4x teleconverter. All shots were taken from hides or lookout points. I was just lucky that the cormorant came in close while I was photographing a darter on the end of branch! A number of the adder shots were taken with the Sigma macro.

dragonfly 3008081202
cormorant 3008082783
darter dragonfly 3008082785
spitfire 3008082795
pulborough 3008082813
pulborough 3008082814
pulborough 3008082820
egret 3008082827
pulborough 3008082834
cattle 3008082848
cattle 3008082851
pulborough 3008082872
pulborough 3008082874
pulborough 3008082897
heron 3008082910
heron 3008082919
heron 3008082946
heron 3008082947
heron 3008082952
heron 3008082955
heron 3008082956
heron 3008082959
heron 3008082960
heron 3008082965
grebe 3008082969
grebe 3008082978
wigeon 2103090730
lapwing 2103090737
teal 2103090744
canada goose 2103090753
canada goose 2103090755
wigeon 2103090772
adder 2103090819
adder 2103090843
adder 2103090845
adder 2103090857
adder 2103090872
adder 2103090887
adder 2103090892
adder 2103090920
pheasant 2103090952
duck 2103090969
nuthatch 2103090972

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