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Sparrowhawk hunting starlings

Starlings are among the most populous of the local birds, only rivalled in numbers by the gulls. Generally they (literally) rule the roost, but they do have to watch out for predators among which is the sparrowhawk.

This sequence was photographed just north of Brighton on 26 January 2008. The starlings were in a small flock, flying south. A few moments after I'd taken the first three shots here they turned back to the north. A sparrowhawk was hard on their tail.

On this occasion the starlings escaped unscathed, but they're not always so fortunate.

The photos were taken with the Canon EOS 400D and Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L USM IS lens.

starling 2601082956
starling 2601082958
starling 2601082960
starling sparrowhawk 2601082961
starling sparrowhawk 2601082962
starling sparrowhawk 2601082963
sparrowhawk 2601082965
sparrowhawk 2601082966

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