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Frog Spawn Development

This sequence was taken from 1st-29th March 2008 and shows frog spawn from the morning it was laid. The sequence goes through the stages of cell division, development within the protective jelly, the emergence of the proto-tadpoles sporting gills, until the final shots in which they are actively swimming.

The photos were taken with a Canon EOS 400D and Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG macro lens. The ultra-close up shots were taken with extension tubes and the Sigma EM-140 DG ring flash.

New spawn on the morning of 1st March
frogspawn 0103087225
Frogs around the spawn, evening of 1st March
frogs spawn 0103087414
frogspawn 0103087348
frogspawn 0103087438
Even on the first day you can discern the beginning...
frogspawn 0103087374
frogspawn 0103087382
2nd March
More complex cell division
frogspawn 0203087457
6th March: newt feeding on spawn
Spine development
frogspawn 0803088008
frogspawn 0903088206
frogspawn 0903088219
11th March, beginning to take shape
frogspawn 1203088459
frogspawn 1503088658
frogspawn 1603088790
frogspawn 1603088791
frogspawn 1603088793
frogspawn 1703088925
20th March. You can see their gills very clearly. These...
tadpoles 2003089277 b
tadpoles 2203089531
tadpoles 2203089640
27th March. They are now fully mobile.
tadpoles 2703080226
tadpoles 2803080331
tadpoles 2803080336
tadpole 2903080495
tadpole 2903080493
tadpole 0104081075
tadpole 0104081076

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