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I came across this small group of turnstones (Arenaria interpres) on Rottingdean Beach, during November 2008. Although I've caught an occasional sighting in the past this was the first time I've been able to get reasonably close.

They were busy feeding, moving between the artificial rocky groynes down on the the shingle beach. At one point three oystercatchers flew in to share the feeding grounds.

The light was poor and I struggled to get a fast enough shutter speed. ISO ranges between about 640 and 1000, and most of the time the aperture was wide open (f/5.6). A combination of negative exposure bias, plus some fill flash helped a bit.

turnstone 1611081191
turnstone 1611081196
turnstone 1611081217
turnstone 1611081250
turnstone 1611081267
turnstone 1611081288
turnstone 1611081336
turnstone 1611081346
turnstone 1611081347
turnstone 1611081376
turnstone 1611081386
oystercatcher 1611081405

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