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Waterfowl are among our most popular birds, and watching them is always a delight. They tend to be bold, greedy and active.

The first 16 shots here were taken at Wakehurst Place in Sussex on a dull August afternoon. The sequence of the moorhen chick and its nest-building parents was taken at the edge of the lake, in thick woodland. I used a combination of high ISO, slow shutter speed, and a monopod to gain some sort of stability. I was relying on the on-board flash on my EOS 40D to freeze the motion.

Photographing some wild birds or their nests is illegal. For more information see this RSPB Bird Photography information sheet (pdf file).

duck 1708081128
moorhen juvenile 1708081134
duck 1708081142
duck 1708081143
duck 1708081144
duck 1708081145
duck 1708081146
duck 1708081147
moorhen 1708081179
moorhen 1708081187
moorhen chick 1708081202
moorhen chick 1708081205
moorhen chick 1708081207
moorhen chick 1708081213
moorhen chick 1708081216
moorhen chick 1708081217

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