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Woods Mill Nature Reserve

Woods Mill Nature Reserve is the headquarters of the Sussex Wildlife Trust. It is home to a wide array of native species, some of which are freatured in this album.

As well as offering wonderful opportunities for observing the beautiful demoiselle (damselfly), it provided my first encounter with a snake in the wild.

The lake at Woods Mill.
Broad bodied chaser dragonfly (male)
Beautiful Demoiselle (male)
Beautiful demosielles mating (the female has the brown...
demoiselle 0706082118
demoiselle 0706082134
demoiselle 0706082143
demoiselle 0706082136
demoiselle 0706082146
Grass snake
snake 0706082159
snake 0706082164
heron 0706082194
heron 0706082201
heron 0706082206
heron 0706082217
heron 0706082223
heron 0706082223 b
Juvenile Great Tit

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