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Fox Watch! Part Two

Fox Watch! Part Two

Well I've been getting so many pictures that I've added an extra page. We really do have cubs as well, but they are incredibly shy and rush into the shrubs as soon as they spot us. They are beginning to emerge more in daylight though, so with some patience I hope to get some pictures of them too.

As with the previous page these (apart from the last two) were taken on a low resolution Konica camera. Given the limitations, you can see how familair we've become. The new photo gallery features pictures taken with an Olympus 3.7 megapixel camera. The quality of photos improves significantly as you move therough the galleries.


Hmmm. Wonder what I'll find for dinner tonight.


Hmmm.... Tasty, tasty.... very, very tasty.


Well, I can confirm that in my case, the chicken definitely comes before the egg.

fox close up

Gee, what was that you walked in?

fox running

Oh I see... trying out your new camera, catching me in mid trot as I go to cache tonight's meal. Man, that thing's got a bright flash.

fox cub

I know I shouldn't be out this late at night. But hey, you're only young once.

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