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Fox Watch! Part Five

Fox Watch! Part Five - The Climbing Fox

I've known for a while just how agile foxes are. In many ways they are as cat-like as they are doggy, especially when it comes to moving silently, or vaulting walls. They have this uncanny knack of appearing (or disappearing) before your eyes. I've also known that they have a reputation for climbing, but I'd never been lucky enough to see it for myself. Until now.

This series of photos was taken early evening.

Fox getting ready to climb

Here the fox is looking at the thick shrubbery. Behind the shrubs is a rush matting screeen loosely attached to chain-link fencing. The surrounding trees are small beeches.

Fox getting closer

The second shot shows the fox moving in for a closer investigation. I was beginning to get interested what was going to happen.

Fox reaching up

In this shot the fox stretches up into the shrubs. There are lots of birds - and occasionally a dormouse - in the trees.

On the climb

In this final shot, the fox is entirely clear of the ground and scrambling towards the top of the fence. At this point I switched my camera to video mode and caught it high in the shrubs. In the video the fox can be seen roughly centre screen, about two-thirds of the way to the top of the image.

Video clips
Fox Climbing video. The clip is about 3MB in size and lasts just over a minute. It's in wmv format and runs ok on WIndows Media Player.

Fox goes hunting. This next clip shows the fox catching a tiny frog in the garden. Don't worry... I was too far away for it to be gruesome. All you see is some typical ground rooting behaviour by the fox, and an occasional startled look as the froglet jumps.

The Garden Fox. In this clip, filmed 22/9/05, the fox decides not to eat the food that's been left out, but instead sits and poses in the flower bed. (He did eat the food later on.)

The Cat and the Fox. In this clip, filmed 24/9/05, a local cat decided to enter the garden at the same time as the fox. The short clip shows the build up to and outcome to the confrontation.

There are more video clips over on Fox Watch! 3.

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